Ispezione di routine dell'allarme gas combustibile

- 2021-06-16-

Ilallarme gas combustibile is an explosion-proof and explosion-proof equipment, and should not be used beyond the specified scope. Ilallarme gas combustibile shall not be used in sulfur-containing occasions. Ilallarme gas combustibile should be used when the combustible gas concentration is lower than the lower explosive limit. Otherwise, the components may be burnt out.
Perallarme gas combustibiles with test buttons, press the test button at least once a week to check whether the alarm system is normal and whether there is anything wrong. Ilzero point and range of the alarm should be checked and calibrated every 3 months.

È necessario utilizzareallarme gas combustibilesragionevolmente, controllare i componenti in ogni momento e consentire loro di ampliare il loro utilizzo in condizioni di uso ragionevole e corretta manutenzione.
Always check the detector for accidental water ingress. Ilbreathable cover of the detector should be removed and cleaned to prevent clogging during instrument testing.